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Release of “Left Brained, Right Hearted”

Posted on by Michelle

Release is a funny word.

An artist spends a lifetime
collecting experiences,
trying to catch the muse before she drifts away,
scurrying to jot down the melodies that stir
before falling asleep
transforming life’s obstacles into catchy choruses
praying for the ability to project the images and sounds that
live inside the walls of the mind…
translate it through voice
and into the microphone
and one day, into the ears, brains and hearts of listeners.

After years of working in studios
with the most incredibly talented musicians and producer
to work out each moment like a puzzle ensuring that it’s ‘just right’
the time has arrived to release.

I am so very very very proud and excited
to announce that today, on this New Moon of 11/11 11:11
I release my first album, “Left Brained, Right Hearted”
It’s the first of what I hope to be me many more ahead.
I’ve learned so much along this journey and if you are seeing this,
it means you have been a part of this journey with me.

It is my hope that these collection of 10 songs
playing with the relationship between head & heart
offer you a smile, a sense of connection,
a feeling of ‘oh me too!”, a new perspective,
but mostly – I just hope you enjoy it
for whatever it means to you.

My greatest hope with being a composer
is that I can offer music that will become
part of the soundtrack to your life
and to create a sense of connection
that we share in our human experience.

I am so lucky to have had such talented All star musicians
that have participated on this and especially grateful
for producer, Tim Bright’s creativity and direction
And to you.

I have always been a DIY artist
and believe strongly in the grassroots approach to sharing music.
Therefore, this album is being released independently
with the hope that if you enjoy what you hear,
I would be incredibly grateful if you would share
it with the folks whom you like to share things with 🙂
In today’s music ‘industry’ scene, word of mouth is everything.

Here are 2 quick ’n easy things you can do right now to help help spread the word!

Post a link with your own review for friends to see on Facebook & Twitter
Post a review on iTunes.com

“Left Brained, Right Hearted”
is available worldwide in CD and digital format

iTunes –https://goo.gl/KYZ6CD

CDBaby or physical CDs – goo.gl/oj96nS

michelle cd front-panel


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