There is a reason why recently listed Michelle Citrin in their Top Ten list of Jewish rock stars and the Jerusalem Post calls Michelle “The Jewish IT girl”.

 Michelle is an award winning Brooklyn based singer/songwriter and producer best known as a pioneer of celebrating Jewish culture on YouTube with viral videos including, “20 Things to do with Matzah”, “Rosh Hashanah Girl” and “Hanukkah Lovin”.  In total, these videos have received millions of hits from around the world and has led to the press referring to Michelle as, “A YouTube Sensation”.

Inspired by Rav Kook’s wisdom of, “What is old make new, what is new make holy,” Michelle sets out to find connection points to our tradition’s wisdom and culture in an easily accessible way.  Currently, Michelle is traveling the world with her Artist in Residence program, “Eat. Pray. Sing”- a spiritually uplifting and soul nourishing Shabbat experience that weaves together the three tribal components that have united us for thousands of years - food, prayer and song.

Michelle delivers insightful lyrics with her soulful voice and brings an angelic quality to worship services while offering a unique opportunity to engage with liturgical texts in a thoughtful and holistic manner. 

Whether playing in front of a sold-out crowd of thousands on the beach of Tel Aviv at a Birthright Mega Event, or an intimate set at a coffeehouse in Melbourne, Australia, Michelle’s engaging live performances and talent for writing catchy and meaningful songs have garnered rave reviews and numerous accolades including: being named one of  The
Week’s , “36 
 Next Wave of Jewish Innovators", Billboard Music’s “Top Songwriters”,  VH-1 Song of the Year finalist  and recipient of a Great American Songwriting Honor.  

Currently, Michelle is in the studio working on her newest album!